The Importance of Membership :

For MANDIR OF MADISON the Membership in the Soul: the individuals, couples and
families, make a commitment to support the temple. Their contributions ( time, knowledge
and financial resources) help the temple fulfill its mission of serving the community.
Members from all segments of society, regardless of religious affiliation, national origin,
ethnic background, age, marital status, race, color, sex, handicap, veteran status or sexual
orientation are welcome.
The Mandir of Madison is a house of God, and its doors are open to everyone. A
sustained support from a broad-based membership is welcome.

Categories of Membership :

The Mandir of Madison has several categories of Membership, membership titles are

SILVER: $501
GOLD: $1001
DIAMOND: $1501
LIFE: $3001
Daily Ganapati Puja:

Daily Ganapati Puja for 1 year is available for $401 including samigri.

Benefits of Membership :

BECOMING A MEMBER of The Mandir of Madison is a way to serve the community,
discover new friends and help your children learn and grow. Members enjoy many other
benefits as well, including:

  • Free Hindu heritage.
  • 10% discount of priestly services for home pujas
  • Reduced tuition fees for dance, language, chess and other classes (Upcoming)
  • Opportunities to participate in youth programs such as summer camp and the
  • Children Corner talent show.
  • Volunteering and community-service opportunities
  • Free temple publications, including an annual calendar, quarterly magazine and the temple member directory (Upcoming)
  • Automatic payment system for annual membership renewal

To become a member, please complete a Membership Application (Please Click
Membership Application to download Printable Membership Form ) and Mail to

Mandir of Madison & Community Center
3393 Burke Road
Sun Prairie, WI-53590


No one will hold the Mandir of Madison & Community Center its facility or its program hosting
facility or any of its founding members, members of the ECM, Board, regular staff, volunteers or
Priest and his family to be liable for any accidents, injury, or any other unexpected occurrence
during any planning, practice, program or organized activities. Incase of any medical emergency
the available person have the permission to seek emergency assistance. All are being informed
herein to read and understand the above statement and fully agree and waive all claims as
mentioned or what so ever.