Organization of Mandir of Madison & community Center

All governing bodies consist of volunteers from dues paying members. The
Mandir has constitution and by-laws that apply to form various committees.

The Mandir has a Board with 11 Directors(8 elected and 3 appointed). The day
to day activities and planning for functions are monitored by Executive

The Executive Committee consists of a presidents-elect, secretary, joint
secretary, treasurer, joint treasurer. The Standing Committees, chairpersons
will be selected by executive committee and approved by Board of Directors.

The Standing Committees are:

  • membership committee
  • religious committee,
    education committee
  • building committee
  • prasad committee
  • financialcommittee
  •  ‘Shruti’ a quarterly magazine committee.

Most of these committee are formed yearly and report to Executive Committee. There will be
a Monthly News Letter with important news and views with community

Several other standing committees are: constitution and By-Laws committee,
audit committee, long range planning committee, election committee, and
nominating committee. Board of Directors select the chair person of these

When needed the Board and the Executive Committee may form ad-hoc
committees with special objectives.


Current board members list will be updated soon…