Guidelines for Offerings:

Devotees can bring Milk (Vit D), Yogurt, Honey and Rose Water
and a suggested contribution of $21 towards Abhishek/Pooja.

Flowers/Garland for all the Deities:
Devotees can bring fresh flowers
or a suggested contribution of $11.

Pooja Items and Fruits
Devotees can offer:
a. Sesame Oil, Ghee, Almond Oil
b. Fresh Fruits, Dry Fruits, Almonds, Raisins
or a suggested contribution of $21 towards Pooja items.

Maha Prasadam (Annadanam)
Devotees can offer:
a. Fresh cooked prasad (please no garlic and onion)
b. Sweets
c. Dry prasad items – Suji (cream of wheat), Coarse Suji Halwa,
Butter/Ghee, Sugar, Raisins, Rice, Dhal (Lentils), Whole Wheat Flour,
Fresh Vegetables, Spices (Jeera, Sambhar powder, tumeric, coriander
powder, Swad noodles

Deities clothes are changed every month
Devotees can offer:
a. Silk /Chiffon Sarees
b. Dhoti material – White/Beige wrinkle free cotton
c. Shawl/Uparani or a suggested contribution of $51 or $101 towards
Note: Contributions goes Deities clothes made in India as well.

Misc Items:
Devotees can offer:
a. Paper towels
b. Paper plates and cups
c. Spoons and napkins