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The Hindu Temple of Madison also known as Mandir of Madison aims to create a spiritual and religious awareness in the community of Madison, Wisconsin and nearby areas.


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Jai Sai Ram
 Light the Lamp of Devotion
July 6th -Thursday Jai Sai Ram @ 7 pm –  Saibaba Abhishekam * PALAKI * Aarthi and Pot luck Prasadam:
 If you have a occasion and want to cook Prasadam for Baba you can in
Sai Kitchen.
Thank you for sponsoring & participating in Satyanarayan Samoohik Vratam & Katha and also just listing for blessings on special Guru PoornimmaAlso, Sai Baba Guru poornima, Abhishek, PALAKI, Katha, 108 names Archana, Aarthi and Potluck prasadam. Lots of Sai Baba’s blessings to every one.
 Puja  &  Events For July
Dear All,
Thank you and blessings to every one who joined , Lord Jagannatha, Balabhadra and Subhadra ji, Bhuda out door Mandir Pradakshina with Archana & Aarthi.
Lord Jagannathji’s lots of blessings to you all
Keep up the Seva and your blessings.
****Also your Mandir of Madison is Registered with Employer Match Donation Program. So please to take an advantage.
1- Check is your employer in the list 
2 – Choose your Mandir of Madison from the list.
3. -This program will match the $ amount whatever you donate to your Mandir.
Thanks in Advance(:)****Any question pls call (:)
July 7th – Friday – Lord Ganesha and Durga Mata 7 pm- Abhishekam and Lalitha Sahasranaam path parayan –
July 8th – Saturday :  Lord Satyanarayan Vratam 11:30 am – Sammohik Katha $ 31 per family,  Archan Aarthi and potluck prasadam at your Mandir.
July 9th – Sunday – 11:30 – Sai Guru Poornima & North India Sravana Masa Begins – Surya Puja – Sai Baba Abhishekam, Katha Archana and aarthi- Pot luck prasadam.

July 10th – Monday – 7pm Lord Shiva Abhishekam and orther pujas
July 11th – Tuesday – 7pm – Lord Punch Mukahi Hanuman Abhishekam, Archana, Aarthi and Prasadam.
July 12th – Wednesday – 7 pm – Sankat hara chaturthi – Lord Ganesha and Vinshu Abhishekma, Archana, Aarthi & Prasadam.
July 13th – Thursday – 7 pm – Sai Natha Abhishekam, Archana, Aarthi & Pot luck prasadam.
July  14th – Friday – 7 pm Lord Ganesha and Durga mata – Abhishekam , Archana , Aarthi & Prasadam.
July 15th – Saturday – 11:30 am Venkateswara – Suprabhatam –  
 Navagraha Abhisheksh,Vishnu Sahasranam & Other pujas all day

July 16th – Sunday – 11:30 am – Surya puja – Saibaba Aarthi – Prasadam.

July 17th – Monday and 18th Tuesday: 6:00 to 7:30 Kirtan and Geeta Pravachan

July 19th – Wednesday – Kamka Ekadashi – Lord Vishnu Abhishekam, Aarthi and Prasadam.July 20th – Thursday – Pradosham – Lord shiva and Sainatha Baba Abhishekam – Palaki – Archana and Aarthi Potluck prasadam.

July 21st – Friday –  Masa Shivaratri – Lord Ganeshand Durga Mata Abhishekam Lalitha Sahasranaam Aarthi and prasadam.

July 22nd – Saturday -11:00 am Venkateswar Suprabhatam – 11:30 Bhairav Baba Abhishekam – Amavasya TarpannamJuly

23rd- Sunday – Surya Pooja and Aarthi – Sai Baba Aarthi –Potluck; prasadam.July 26th – Wednesday – Masa Vinayaka Chaturthi – Lord Ganesha and Vinshu Abhishekam – Vishnu Sahasranaam – Archana Aarthi and prasadam.

Jai Sai Ram
Light the Lamp of Devotion
July 27th Thursday – Sai Baba 5th Annual Murthy Pratishtha Celebration – Starts 
Pls. mark your calender for July 27, 28 and 29th
We need your support and Seva for this celebration – please call Phone # on the flyer ASAP

Mandir has Saree & Mangal Sutra for Kalyanam & any other pujas – Please contact Mounika: 608-421-8563  Priest, 217-2060, Mandir office 825-9200 or Manju Aunty 239-3363 

Please see the flyer and share with your family and friends.