The Hindu Temple of Madison also known as Mandir of Madison aims to create a spiritual and religious awareness in the community of Madison, Wisconsin and nearby areas.


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Jai Sai Ram
 Light the Lamp of Devotion
April 20th Thursday@ 7 pm – Saibaba Aarthi and Pot luck Prasadam: You can also cook in Sai Kitchen.
Happy Akshaya Tritiya to you all, on April 28th Friday @ 7 pm. Samoohik Puja $ 31 per family. 

Mandir has coin for puja you can by at Mandir for $31 only.

April 21st Friday @ 7 pm: Lord Ganesh and Durgamata Abhishekam – Lalitha Sahasranaam path parayan 7:30 pm. Aarthi 8 pm followed by 
potluck prasadam
April 22nd Saturday: Navagaraha Abhishekam – 108 name puja, aarthi and prasadam
April 23rd Sunday : Pradosham – Lord Shiva abhishekam @ 6 pm: Followed by 108 name archana and Aarthi.
April 24th Monday: Masa Shiva ratri – Lord Shiva Abhishekam, Vilva ashtakam, archana & aarthi.
April 25th Tuesday: Amabasya Tarpanam: @ 7 pm
April 26th Wednesday: Bhairav Baba Abhisekam @ 7 pm
April 27th Thursday: Sai baba Abhishekam and 108 names Archana and Aarthi & Prasadam. 
April 28th Friday – Akshaya Tritiya: Laxmi puja @ 7 pm,  you can buy coin at mandir.
April 29th Saturday: Masa Vinayaka Chaturthi – Lord Ganesh and Navagraha Abhishekam : 11:00 AM
April 30th Sunday: Surya puja @ 11:30 am
Evening @ 6 pm: All the Volunteers Birthday celebration. 
we all will cook prasadam at Mandir kitchen and celebrate their BD together at Mandir. All the volunteers are invited to come and join free dinner. If you wish some thing to bring you are welcome to do that. 
FYI: Your MMCC has a Community Center to rent for events like, Birthdays, Ladies Sangeet, and any other function of about 100 people.
Includes 50 chairs, 5 tables, Friz, Microwave, water etc. For other info please call Mandir office: 608-825-9200 or 239-3363.

Every one is invited to come, join and celebrate to 10th year of clelbration of yearly Laxmi puja.

April 19th Wednesday@ 7 pm – Lord Vishnu Abhishekam and Vishnu Sahasranaam Prayan @ 7:30 pm followed by aarthi and potluck prasadam 
Mandir Committees
 PS: Remember (:) If you or your family and friends are buying HONDA CAR – use Mandir Discount Price. Please contact Mandir @ 239-3363