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The Hindu Temple of Madison also known as Mandir of Madison aims to create a spiritual and religious awareness in the community of Madison, Wisconsin and nearby areas.
Dear All, 
PS: Please note you are welcome to bring potluck Prasadam of your choice to offer God – you come to visit or want to bring. It will be offered to the God of your choice.- Thanks
Every Day 6 pm Sainatha Aarthi – Including weekends – Please come and join also share with your family and friends. 

Every one is invited for this FREE Class – Plz come and invite your family and friend and learn the Simple and easy way to be healthy (:)

Recharge Your Mind and Unlock the Freedom Within

This free class gives insights into the nature of the mind and emotions. Explore the ways to be stress free & increase energy.

Calm the mind with a 2-minute breathing exercise
Enjoy effortless guided meditation for deep rest
Explore the remarkable body-breath-mind connection
Drop in and experience the power of the breath for yourself.

When:  Thursday, Nov 30th – Time: 6:30 pm to 7:30 pmVenue: Mandir of Madison – 3393 Burke Road, Sun Prairie, WI 53590

BY Art of Living – Instructors 

For more info. contact Mandir office 825-9200 or 239-3363 or 658-0517 
There is a UPCOMING Happiness Program Friday Dec. 8 to Sunday Dec 10th , 2017,For Location and other info.Plz contact 608-658-0517
There is also a Art of Living’s Happiness Program happening DEC 8-10
This program has helped Millions of people in 170 countries live their lives with peace and Harmony
  • Practical tools for better living
  • Form deeper relationships
  • Sudarshan Kriya, a powerful breathing technique with scientifically backed results
  • Yoga
  • Meditation.
Lord Ayyappa Mandala Puja Begins – Every one is welcome (:)
Nov. 25th Saturday – 11:00 AM – Venkateswara Suprabhatam & 
RAMAYAN Recitation Starts: 1 pm – Lord Ramas RAMAYANA PATH PARAYAN 
Nov.26th Sunday – 11: 30  am – Surya puja Abhishekam, Aarthi – for health and wealth. – 

Ramayana Recitation will continue until Saturday, Dec. 10th and Purnahuti/Patta Abhishekam is Dec. 10th  Sunday 5 pm with Bhajan (Children and Adult)

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Jai Sai Ram
 Light the Lamp of Devotion
Dec.,7th– Thursday – 7pm, 
Dec.,14th – Thursday 7 pm
Dec.,21th- Thursday
Dec.,28th-Thursday7 pm    Abhishekam *PALAKI * Aarthi and Pot luck Prasadam:  If you have a occasion and want to cook Prasadam for Baba you can in  Sai Kitchen.
 Upcoming puja and events in month of December,2017:
Dec. 1st –  Friday:  6PM to 7PM  Ramayan Reading – No Deepam in Mandir.
7:30 pm- Pradosham –Ganesh & Durga Mata abhishekam,  Lalitha Sahasranaam – archana – aarthi – Potluck prasadam.
Dec.2nd Saturday – 11:00 AM – No Deepam in Mandir.
Venkateswara Suprabhatam & 
11:30 AM – Venkateshwara Abhishekam

Dec. 2 Saturday – 5 – PM – Lord Satyanarayan Samoohik – Vratam Katha and puja $ 31 per family. – To book your puja call – Priest 217-2060 or Mandir office 825-9200 or Manju Aunty 239-3363.
 Dec. 3rd Sunday – 11: 30  am – Surya puja Abhishekam, Aarthi – for health and wealth. – 
Dec. 6th –  Wednesday – 7 pm – Sankatahara Chaturthi – Lord Ganesha  & Vishnu Abhishekam – Potluck prasadam 
Dec. 7th Thursday –6PM to 7PM  Ramayan Reading
 7:30 pm Sainatha Abhishekam , Palaki  & Potluck full prasadam
9th Saturday – 11:30 AM – Lord Venkateswara Kalyanama  with full traditional Religious wedding. Every one is invited to join the Balaji Kalyanam taking place in your community Temple Mandir of Madison. You can be part of Kalyanam and enjoy. followed by blessings and Prasadam – to be part of it, pl call priest 217-2060
Dec. 15th – Friday –  7 pm Pradosham – Dhanurmasa begins – Goddes Durga mata –Lord  Shiva  Abhishkeam – Lalith Sahasranaam parayan, Aarthi – Potluck prasadam – you are welcome to bring prasada of your choice.
Dec.16th Saturday – 11:00 AM – Venkateswara Suprabhatam & 
11:30 AM – Navagraha Abhishekam

Vaikuntha Dwar @ Mandir of Madison opens on Dec. 29th @ 7 am
Dec. 29th Friday – 7 AM Vaikuntha Edadashi – Mandir Dwar open for Special – Vaikuntha Ekadashi – Balaji Dwar open for darshan and puja, Palaki  & Potluck full prasadam. You are welcome to share this info with your family and firends.
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 Mandir team and Volunteers
 Hours: 5p – 9p (M-F) | 11a – 9p (Sat) | 11a – 8p (Sun)
Vishnu Sahasranama Parayanam on Wednesdays @  7:30p to 8:30p
 Mandir of Madison & Community Center, Inc.
3393 Burke Road | Sun Prairie, WI 53590 | (608) 825-9200 | (608) 239-3363 (Cell)
Email: mandirofmadison@gmail.com | Website: www.mandirofmadison.org   
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FYI:  About Lord Jagannath expenses.
As you all know Sri Jagannath Ji, Balabhadara ji and Subhadra Ji is now in the temple and we did the Murthy Pratishtha and did 3 homam and Maandir Guruji was with us for lots blessings & celebration last month,There were lot of challenges in bringing the murthys from Puri, Orissa to Madison, Wisconsin and a total expense of $10,845 was made towards the construction and transportation.Still temple has to pay $10,345.

Your help in this is greatly appreciated.We cordially request you to help us provide any generous contribution to the best of your abilityHere is the details of expense made towards the murthy construction and transportation.



Collection so far (From Hundi for  Jun –  till date)

Remaining to be paid

Bronze Murthy Cost

₹ 83,000



All utensil

₹ 8,635

All pooja saamagri

₹ 2,500


₹ 5,000


₹ 4,500

Dress material ( Three Dieties)

₹ 18,000


₹ 572,466

Total (INR)

₹ 694,101

Total (USD)


 FYI : BHARAT NATYAM & BOLLYWOOD – Dance classes Registration is open from August 14th, 2017 –Bharat Natyam Class starting from Sunday Sept. 10th @ 2 :30 to 4:30 pmfor more info please contact Guru Akshaya @608-426-2352 Bollywood Class starting from Friday August 25th @ 6:30 to 7:30 pmfor more info please contact Guru Minshu @608-577-5374 or Mandir office : 608-825-9200

Mandir garden organic veg for Prasadam